White Label

White Label WordPress Development & Design for Agencies

Oseeyo is your away team.

When the work starts piling on, we’re the extra players in the field. 

We're here to help you solve problems.


Design is much more about making sites look pretty. Design solves visual problems—such as organizing a large amount of data in a easy-to digest format for users, or knowing what to show or hide.  

We use the latest tools and design trends to keep your site fresh and let your users have an optimal experience.

Development Solutions

Now that your site looks beautiful, does it do anything? Our development solutions span from implementing the right plugins to do the job to writing custom plugins tailored to your needs.

We’re trained in best practices for WordPress development. 

Your Secret Weapon

While it may feel great to take credit for good work, we don’t ask for any! We are proud to help and provide white label services, so your websites remain all yours.

Let us be your silent partner on your next project.

Think we're a good fit?

Let's talk!

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