Why you should avoid Wix to build your next site.

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It’s 2020 (as of when I started writing this) and in the digital age, everything is expected now. Immediate gratification. One area that many creators and entrepreneurs fall prey to is how they go about building their website. Let’s face it. Building a good website is no easy task, and it’s understandable why the first gut feeling is to purchase a practically pre-built website from Wix, Squarespace or Weebly instead of hunkering down and learning how to build a website on your own.

However, this is one avenue we at Oseeyo don’t believe you should go down. Here’s why:

What are Website Builders?

First of all, before we sound the horns warning you against the monsters, you’ve got to know what they are in the first place! Back in the old days, web developers and designers built websites from the bare basic programming languages that most web browsers understand: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and if we have a database installed: MySQL. This method of building websites is still used to day, but one had to learn four completely new languages and a whole lot of design and tech jargon to get a the most basic website on the web.

Simply put, for the regular guy trying to build something successful, it was a headache.

So naturally, you’d have to hire a developer, who wasn’t cheap. For businesses with large amounts of capital, that wasn’t an issue. But for smaller, Mom-and-Pop type businesses, this was next to impossible, so they stuck to the Yellow Pages. Larger companies, like banks, hired several developers and grew ahead of the curve.

That’s where website builders such as  Wix and Squarespace came into town. They allow non-technically inclined people to hop on the old computer and have a website in minutes using drag-and-drop software. No coding necessary! If you need a button, just drag a button on to your page and voil! You were up and running. Until…

Ok, then why not use them?

A friend of mine insisted on using Wix despite my warnings. He then reached out to us when he started experiencing problems with his SEO. I had to sit down and tell him why he needed to hop on over to WordPress, despite the learning curve. Here are some of the things I shared:

1. You are not in control.

All Wix websites are on their servers. What’s a server? A server is a computer that has one one job: storing the files for your website for the Web. So let’s say you don’t like the design of your website. Welp. Too bad! You are limited to Wix’s prebuilt templates, or you can try dragging and dropping to their pre-mandated design structures. Or if you want to take your website elsewhere? Your website is Wix’s property, and while you can take some files such as images or videos (They were yours to begin with!) You can’t take anything else, and wherever you go, you’ll have to start all over.

2. Google’s not a fan.

Websites are pretty, but useless if they don’t rank on Google. This can be achieved in one of two ways; through paid advertising or organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization). While paid advertising is highly effective, especially when your business is just getting started, it can get quite pricey. That’s where SEO comes in to save the day. Long-term, quality SEO is absolutely crucial, because it allows you to rank highly on search engines, thus allowing you to save money in the marketing department.

…Unless you’re using Wix. Hard-coded websites and WordPress sites are much more SEO-friendly, and aren’t full of tons and tons of search engine-confusing, Wix-generated spaghetti code.

3. Wix is not scaleable.

Do you know how successful your business will be? Perhaps you’re building the next Amazon or Wayfair! However, massive, successful companies do not use website builders. It would be incredibly difficult if they did, considering the sheer amount of complexity, traffic, and flexibility most powerhouses need. However, incredibly large players use the old fashioned way of building sites, as well as WordPress! WordPress is absolutely free to download, and there is no limit to what it can do.

In summary,

If you take your business seriously, avoid Wix at all costs. But that leaves you asking:

…so what do you do now? Well, there are numerous resources that can help you learn how to build your website, whether you choose to code it yourself or WordPress. Or, you can reach out to us! We can build a beautiful, but more importantly, functional website that allows you to rank in search engines, and is 100% in your control. If, for some incredibly unlikely, terrible, horrible reason, you find that you’d like to migrate your website away from our servers, you can do so and keep 100% of your website’s assets.

Your website should be a reflection of you, and your servant, not the other way around. Reach out and see what we can create for you.

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